POP-Punk Band Content Generation 

It's been so rewarding to work with the extremely talented guys in Grayscale, a pop-punk band out of Philadelphia under Anchor Eighty Four Records. From social media branding to music videos, I've worked closely with them to create marketing content and graphics. Having played in a band for quite some time myself allows me to draw from my experience to communicate more easily with the musicians and make more intuitive decisions.


"Working with Jordan has always been an unbelievably painless, fun and exciting experience. Never before have I met someone in the music/art industry that has such a talent, keen sense for their craft, and attention to detail. I have never been anything less than blown away by the final product. He does not quit until the project is exactly as it is meant to be, down to the most infinitesimal level."

– Collin Walsh, Grayscale